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Platform Page Descriptions

There are a lot of different pages on the Platform! This article will walk through what they all are and what you can do with each of them. 

Note: Some pages are only visible to certain roles. As a reminder, MA = Member Admin, EMA = Enhanced Member Admin, and SA = Super Admin. Additionally, some pages still use the legacy version of the Platform. These pages are either in the process of being updated, or being retired shortly. 

User Management

Create New Admin (EMA)Create new admin users like program managers. 

UsersUser management. This is where all user profiles are stored. Create groups of users using filters, send emails, update user information, etc.

Mentee EnrollmentKeep track of student enrollment progress. Mark down their program readiness, consent form status, and view their application status, user status, and match status.

PSP EnrollmentKeep track of student's PSP enrollment status. Update their chosen pathways and send reminder emails.

Intake Application Tracker (Legacy)Monitor user application statuses. Filter by date, user type, etc. Send out reminder emails to users who have started an application but not finished.

High Schools: Create and manage High Schools in your region.

Partner Sites: Create and manage Partner Sites (classes) in your region.

Member Sites (SA, Legacy): Manage settings for each region, including program preferences and automated messages.

Member Profile (SA, Legacy): Brings you to the current member site page.

Match Processing (SA, Legacy): Shows matching algorithm progress.

Classroom & Curriculum Management

National Curriculum Management (SA): These are the Lessons that PM's assign to pairs. Usually only one or two people at iMentor have access to this page.

Local Curriculum Management (special account needed): Create local versions of Lessons that fit your region/curriculum better. Staff are able to edit the prompt sections of the national Lessons and add additional enrichment Lessons to the end of units.

Lesson Management: This is where program managers schedule and manage Lessons for pairs. If a Lesson isn't scheduled, the pairs won't be able to see it. Tip: Schedule Lessons one week at a time, do not schedule them all at once!

Surveys & Assessements: Assign and manage surveys and assessments. View completion status of surveys and send out reminder emails to users who haven't finished yet.

Meetings and Events: Schedule and manage meetings and events within your region. This includes curriculum events and individual pair meetings. Manage RSVP's for events and take attendance during/after.

Tasks & Announcements: Create and schedule tasks and announcements to be sent out to your pairs when they log on to the Platform. You can send out "Confirm User Info" tasks, PSP Enrollment tasks, and custom announcements. 

Announcement Groups: The specific groups that the tasks and announcements will be sent to. Use filters to create and manage the groups.

Post-Secondary Process Management: Track student progress with PSP. View schools, update application progress, view selected choice school, and update pathway/tasks.

Participation & Pair Support

Attendance: Take attendance in class. If a student is marked as absent, an email will automatically be sent to their mentor letting them know the student wasn't in class that day.

Snapshot: Track Lesson and Conversation participation. View messages for each Lesson that's assigned and easily see an overview of who has completed each one. Send out reminder emails to those who haven't, and view the Lesson/Conversation as the user.

Flipbook: View each individual message that's sent in between pairs. Filter for type of message, flag messages for later, and view any attached docs. Unlike Snapshot which is organized by Class, Flipbook is organized by pairs. 

Texting: We've built our own texting solution directly into the Platform. This allows program managers (PM's) to send custom text messages to mentees, mentors, and guardians through SMS, and provides an inbox where messages can be seen by PM's. Texts can be sent from Snapshot, Surveys, Meetings and Events, or the "Texting" page found in the hamburger menu.

Note Catalog: Find specific Notes based on either class, author, category, or template.

Note Tracker: Track individual and quick notes within your cohorts. Much like Snapshot, the tracker gives an overview of all Notes logged for pairs in the class, allowing the staff member to view specific notes by clicking on them, see how many users do not have notes, and filter to their heart's delight. 

S.T.E.V.E/Participation History: Participation History is a powerful tool to help analyze participation data on the Platform. Rather than building a dynamic tool, iMentor has instead purchased licenses to use an existing data analytics tool called Tableau and created the most useful charts and tables to inform on participation in the program.

Mentor Rubric (EMA): Track Mentor performance in the program.

Pair Support Rubric (EMA): Track program manager and staff performance.

Monthly Meeting Attendance: Track pair meeting trends on Tableau.