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Post-Secondary Program Launch Timeline

The following outlines the general launch timeline for organizations interested in iMentor's Post-Secondary Program for Partners. 


Review iMentor's "PSP for Partners" (PSP4P) Program Overview materials

Make a decision on opting into PSP4P and notify your Partnership Manager


Onboarding to "Program Launch" process


Follow the scope and sequence of Program Launch discussions, making decisions about:

- Students served

- Technology used

- Duration of programming

- Staffing plan

- Funding needs

Prepare to pitch the program to students and mentors


Pitch the "Post-Secondary Program" (PSP) to students and mentors

March -April

Enroll students + mentors in your PSP

May – June

Launch programming with mentors and mentees, beginning with program orientation


Summer Melt programming for PSP enrolled pairs


Semester One programming for PSP enrolled pairs


Semester Two programming for PSP enrolled pairs

Questions? Contact your Partnership Manager or email us at [email protected].