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Platform Screenshots

How to take full page screenshots on the Platform

There's an easy way to take and share screenshots of the Platform! This can be especially useful when sharing full page screenshots of local lessons with your region's team, or preparing slides to present in the classroom. Full page screenshots can be taken with a Google Chrome extension called "Full Page Web Capture" - here's how to use it:

1) Download Google Chrome: Google Chrome

2) Navigate to the Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions

4) In the store search bar, search for "Full Page Web Capture" then click "Add to Chrome" on the right.

You'll see the following popup. You can cancel if you want, but right now let's click "Add extension" to finish the process. Once clicked, the extension will be added to your browser on the top right (you'll never have to do this again). 

A little camera button will be added to your menu bar that looks like this:

5) Click on the camera icon to take a full page screenshot. Once the extension finishes working it's magic, it will automatically open a new tab with the screenshot:

6) From this page, click on the "PDF" button to download and save the screenshot to your computer.

That's it! You've successfully taken a clean, beautiful, organized, full-page screenshot. For help with this process or any other questions about the Platform, please reach out to [email protected]