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iMentor Platform Technology Requirements


The iMentor Platform is a web application designed and managed by iMentor. The mentoring program runs on the Platform and therefore, full function of the Platform is critical to successful program implementation.

The iMentor Platform operates best with reliable, fast access to the Internet using an up to date web browser. Below we have provided technology requirements for optimal use of the iMentor Platform.

Operating Systems and Hardware

We are able to support the following desktop and laptop operating systems:

The browser version should be kept current. The school or organization’s system administrator should make sure that any browser used in the classrooms is kept current.

All computers and/or laptops need a screen resolution of at least 1280x800 to display long passages of text with minimal scrolling. At the time of this writing, the Platform does not support tablet or mobile devices for curricular engagement. There is an iMentor mobile app for iOS and Android for chat communication. The app is useful for mentors and mentees that want to chat outside of a classroom setting but cannot take the place of a desktop or laptop needed for in-class work.

Each student attending a class will need one of these machines for the duration of the class.

Internet Connectivity

Many schools and organizations have internet connectivity that exceeds levels necessary to run the Platform. It may be helpful to see what we believe is the baseline for bandwidth levels, which is the same as the guidelines set by the US Department of Education. The US Department of Education recommended 1.5 Mbps per user in 2017; multiply this by the number of students in a class to calculate the total bandwidth for a classroom. The school or organization network administrator may find it helpful to consult the Network Evaluation section of Google’s “Network Best Practices for Large Deployments.”

Schools or organizations may need to add *.imentor.org as an approved or allowed domain to be accessed at your site.

Lastly, firewall access to Vimeo and Google Docs is needed for the iMentor curriculum.

Browser Configuration

 JavaScript enabled for event RSVPs, survey notifications, etc.
 Pop-ups unblocked for external websites, surveys, etc.
 Cookies enabled for temporary storage of the current student session.