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Mentor Orientation

This section provides you specific resources for mentor orientation in the program.


Mentor Orientation PowerPoint
Mentor Orientation is an in-person, 2 hour training that covers the what, how, and why of what we do. Besides training mentors, Mentor Orientation is also a screening opportunity, where you can learn about your applicants and see who is a good fit f...
Mentor scenarios to use in Mentor Orientation
The following are two mentor training scenarios that are used during Mentor Orientation. Feel free to to use them as is during your training or adapt them for your specific program's needs. For the Mentor Orientation presentation, click HERE . ...
Templates for mentor orientation invitation and follow-up emails
The following email templates can be used to send potential mentors an invitation to mentor orientation, a reminder to mentors who have attended training about next steps, and a reminder to mentors who were no shows at training. Feel free to adapt ...