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Program Tracking + Evaluation Resources

These resources will help you manage students toward pathway matriculation, track pair engagement in the Post-Secondary Program and evaluate program impact. Capturing progress towards goals, communication history, advising session progress, and workshop attendance will set program staff up to hold mentees accountable to program engagement benchmarks and best support students through successful completion of their post-secondary pathway. 

Matriculation Tracker

This resource, once populated with your pair information, is a vital tool in your cohort's first summer and tracks key benchmarks on the road to matriculation into a best fit post-secondary pathway. Some information can be imported from the Post-Secondary Tracker used with 12th grade students, and the rest can be filled out during advising sessions or using information acquired via text and e-mail. 

You can find definitions for each column in the tracker here

Program Engagement Tracker

This spreadsheet will track how pairs are engaging with the Post-Secondary Program. Maintained by the PSP staff, this can help guide outreach and support and, at year end, can be a valuable reflection and assessment tool.