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Resources for Covid-19 Implementation

Quarterly Implementation Checklists

Below, checklists that describe all the tasks regional teams are charged with executing as a part of implementation during each quarter are provided.  These checklists, which are living drafts updated in real-time, merge resources created for previous years that are still applicable in the virtual programming context as well as those created specifically for FY21.

FY21 Virtual Implementation Resources 

Below, resources created specifically for implementing a fully virtual program are provided.  These resources are all embedded within the quarterly checklists, but are directly linked in service of easy access.  In addition to the resources linked below, implementation stakeholders are still encouraged to explore other sections of the Digital Program Manual as there are still many resources that are applicable to virtual implementation. 

NOTE: If regional leaders wish to customize any of the resources linked below, please ensure that the main copy is not edited and instead download a version or make a copy to a local folder. 

School Collaboration

Mentee Orientation & Enrollment


Curriculum Delivery & Promoting Pair Engagement

Pair Support & Advising

Program Administration