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Pair Rater

The pair rater pop up on the platform provides students, mentors, and program staff a regular opportunity to reflect on how their relationship is going. It also provides PMs with an additional data point they can use as part of their pair support. Having pairs fill out the rater monthly provides several opportunities that surveys and calls might not:

  • Students and mentors can both regularly reflect on changes in their relationship
  • Frequent ratings may highlight significant swings in student or mentor ratings of their relationship
    • Negative swings could represent a safety flag or bad moment in a relationship requiring support from you to work through
    • Positive changes could represent a breakthrough in their relationship that requires celebration
  • If mentee and mentor ratings are wildly different, it could mean that pairs are having different levels of buy-in to the relationship. Support from a PM may be necessary to bridge the gap. 

The pair rater appears once per month, displaying a scale from 1-10 along with the user's last rating they gave. It will appear as a pop-up, meaning the mentee/mentor has to interact with it before continuing to use the Platform.

To find the ratings users give, you can go to HS Program Implementation Dashboard. From there, the scores can be viewed in the Pair Search Tool tab at the bottom of the page. 

Pair Search Tool

The Pair Search Tool is great for viewing scores for a specific pair. First search for the name of either a mentee or mentor. Once you hit enter, their information will come up. 

This is a great way to see the journey of the relationship between the pair. Scrolling over the line will show you the score that correlates to that month:


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