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Creating Mentor Site Lists in Salesforce

Make Mentor Sites Lists via the Mentor Application tab on Salesforce

There is a public Listview on Salesforce called "MSL Template" that can be edited by a region to create a Match List view to create MSLs. Steps for using that are below:

1. Log into Salesforce and navigate to the Mentor Applications tab

2. Select triangle next to “Recently Viewed” and select (or search for) MSL Template

3. Click the filter icon on the right to show current filters

4. Edit filters for your region and the gender [tip: assign MSLs one gender at a time to ensure you put the right number of people on each list (select the primary gender + "neither" to also view non-binary mentors)]

5. Assign mentors one-by-one to MSL by hovering over the mentor, moving mouse over the mentor site list column, clicking on the pencil, clicking the school, and clicking save. [Tip: You can assign mentors in bulk to MSLs by clicking the checkbox next to the selected mentors names and then clicking on the mentor site list column and selecting school and hitting save]

When assigning mentors to mentor site list, consider the below:
  1. Number of men, women and non-gender conforming mentees you plan to match at each school

  2. Mentor requests given by the PM

  3. Mentor Together applicants 

  4. VIP applicants  

  5. Location and school preference in notes