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College Landscape and Research

National Resources

  • College Scorecard is the Department of Education's website that guides you to narrow down your college search on various attributes. For students interested in alternative pathways, click here.
  • College Board Big Future allows students to create an account that will save all of their college searches. The searches can be narrowed down using the filters feature and colleges can be compared once in a student's account.


  • iMentor Regional College Landscape 
  • Click here to find a guide to high school graduation requirements.
  • CUNY Overview  provides information about the City University of New York including student support services, sample academic majors and a more detailed breakdown of each CUNY. 
  • SUNY Overview provides information about the State University of New York including breakdowns of each SUNY, a detailed list of majors available, cost of attendance and financial aid opportunities. 
  • Your College Search is a guide to finding and paying for any of New York's 100+ private colleges. Includes information such as campus profiles, tips on how to pay for college, and a list of academic majors available. 


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