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Platform Filter Cheat Sheet

Below is a quick list to refer to of the options for the most-used filters on the iMentor Platform by program coordinators during Site Start Up (SSU). See also the article on User Management for more detailed information.


  • Ready to be Matched (RTBM)* - User is ready to be matched in the program
  • Matched* - User is currently matched in the program
  • Closed - User was previously matched
  • Rescreening* (mentees only) - Mentee was previously matched. PM is reassessing readiness.
  • Not Matching* (mentees only) - Mentee was previously matched and will not be matched again.
  • N/A* - User has never been matched in the program


  • School, Graduation Year, Class #
    • Lyons 17 Class 1, MHSIS 18 Class 3, IAM 19 Class 2


  • Enhanced Member Admin (EMA) - Staff member with additional privileges
  • Member Admin (MA) - Staff member
  • Mentee
  • Mentor
  • Partner Admin - School based staff (partner teacher, counselor, principal)


  • Active* - User is actively participating in the program
  • Application Incomplete (AI) - User has not completed the application
  • Screening Incomplete (SI) - User has completed the application but is still being assessed for readiness
  • Inactive Rejected (IR) - User has been rejected from the program
  • Inactive Withdrawn (IW) - User has withdrawn from the program
  • Inactive Deleted (ID) - Account made in error


  • Active* - Active persona
  • InactiveInactive persona 


  • Yes/No


  • Yes/No


  • School, Graduation Year


* Indicates default filter