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Setting up your automated Partner platform messaging

The iMentor Platform sends out a number of automatic email messages that you can customize to your program's specifications. Please view the Automated Messages article to view the messaging and then send any edits to your Partnership Manager. 

Here is a list of the automatic messages the iMentor Platform will send to your users. More information on each of these can be found in the Automated Messages article.

  1. New Mentor Application Submitted Email (Sent to mentor)
  2. New Mentee Application Submitted Email (Sent to mentee)
  3. New Application Submitted (Sent to staff)
  4. Mentor Match Message (Sent to mentor)
  5. Mentee Match Message (Sent to mentee)
  6. New Event Invitation Notification Email
  7. Event RSVP

For a list of all messages sent out by the Platform, including non-editable messages, click here: http://partners.imentor.org/help/automated-messages