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College Checklist Admin View

The College Checklist administrator view allows staff members to view and edit the College Checklists for mentees in their cohort. This information comes in handy when speaking with a mentor or mentee about their college lists or managing the completion of it. 

Viewing a College List

Staff can navigate to College Checklist from the hamburger menu on the top left of the screen.

They will be taken to the College Checklist navigation page, which looks like this:

Staff can then select one or more partner sites to view and manage. After selecting partner sites, the snapshot and table populate for the selected sites.

Afterwards, two sections will appear. The first will be a snapshot of the total number of students, how many have not added a college to their list yet, and how many have not made a decision on a school. Clicking on a number will filter for those students.

Below, there will be a table displaying all the students within the selected cohort(s). In the left column, it will display the mentee name, if they've made a choice yet (marked by the green "Choice Made!" icon), their intended post-secondary pathway, how many schools are on their list and how many they've heard back from regarding acceptance. On the right, their result can be updated, along with the options to delete the school from the list and export the list to a .csv file.

Users can select both the post-secondary pathway as well as the result of each mentee and school. To select, click on the arrow next to each field:

They can also delete a school by clicking the trashcan icon on the right, or download a .csv file by clicking the download button on the top right of the table. 

The options for post-secondary pathway are:

  • 2 year college
  • 4 year college
  • Certificate/Vocational Training
  • Gap Year/Service Year program
  • Military
  • Working
  • Unknown

The options for Result are:

  • Unknown
  • Accepted
  • Rejected
  • Waitlisted

After updating to "Accepted" in the Result column, users can now select which school they've chosen be clicking on the "Chosen" icon:

College Checklist Tool Lessons

The following are lessons in the new 2018 in which the College Checklist Tool is used.

11th Grade

  • 11A.5.4/11B.6.4 -- My College List

12th Grade

  • 12.2.1 -- Deadlines

Tip: Program Managers should encourage pairs to continue to revisit the college checklist tool on  an ongoing basis as students navigate the college application process.


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