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Explore the iMentor Program Model

Program Model Basics

This resource provides an overview of pairs' experience in the iMentor program, including the model elements that collectively make up that experience. 

Phases of the iMentor Pair Experience

Mentee-mentor pairs experience the iMentor model differently over time as their relationship develops and the progress toward program goals.  While the pair experience is slightly different over time and the unique nature context of each relationship, it generally aligns with four distinct phases in 11th grade and an additional five phases in 12th.  This resource outlines the phases of the iMentor pair experience. 

Mentee Moments

Learn more about our program from our students! These videos are part of the iMentor curriculum and are students, and sometimes their mentors, reflecting on their experiences with the program.

History and Evolution of iMentor 

This resource details the phases of iMentor's evolution over the years and outlines the organization's current priorities as it continues to evolve for the greatest possible impact on students. 

iMentor's Logic Model and Theory of Action

This resource explains how the iMentor model is designed in service of achieving the organizational mission.

iMentor Program Foundations

As a national organization seeking to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for pairs in our region regardless of geographic location, programming is guided by a set of common foundations, resources and implementation strategies that are centrally developed.  This 1-page resource lists those foundations.   

iMentor's Outputs and Outcomes

This resource lists all the short and long-term measures of success that are built into iMentor's program model and used to gauge the efficacy of programming.