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Supporting users with the mobile app

Version 1 of the iMentor Conversations mobile app is a basic chat app that allows mentors and mentees to communicate over Conversations. It is native to both iOS and Android and serves two functions: chat with your match and change your profile photo.

For instructions on how mentors and mentees can download the app, use it, and to view screenshots of its features, click here.

Only matched pairs are able to log into the mobile app. As a staff member, you may want to download the app to familiarize yourself with it. Please feel free to log in with the following test accounts:

Downloading the app

We have prepared some documents to print and share with your pairs for a quick downloading process. This handout can be printed and handed out in class with QR codes for scanning. You can also download the individual QR codes for iOS (iPhone) and Android to be used in your own handouts.


Conversations messages sent via the mobile app are reviewable on both Snapshot and Flipbook. These messages will show as any normal Conversations message and are indistinguishable from those sent on the web. 


Messages sent over the app will be scanned for safety alerts as as normal Conversations messages are. Assigned staff members will receive notifications for any messages that trigger our keyword alerts system.