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Surveys and Assessments

This article will teach you how to navigate the administrative page and show you some screenshots of the actual survey and assessment so you know what mentors and mentees will be seeing as they take them.

Administrative Page

From the hamburger menu, click into "Classroom and Curriculum Management" and then Surveys and Assessments.

You will be taken to the Surveys and Assessments page. Select either survey or assessment from the first drop down.

After the type has been selected, you will be able to choose which survey you wish to view and which partner sites to view and manage.

After clicking on your choice, you will be taken to the survey management page. The Survey Progress chart shows you the total number of users who are: Not Invited, Not Started, Incomplete, and Complete.

  1. The Search toolbar allows you to search for users by either First or Last name.
  2. The table contains the following sortable/filterable columns. Click First or Last Name to sort alphabetically. Click the downward arrow on a filter to see the options in a dropdown:
    • First Name (sort)
    • Last Name (sort)
    • Partner Site (filter)
    • Survey Status (filter)
    • User Status (filter)
    • Match Status (filter)
  3. Each user is displayed on a row with appropriate data under each column. Clicking the checkbox to the left of a user's first name will select that user. After selecting one or more users, you have the option to Invite, Uninvite, or send them an Email.
  4. Results return 100 users per page. Click the Next button to get to users over 100.

After inviting users to the Survey, a confirmation will show the number of users Invited. Click X to exit the confirmation screen.

How the survey/assessment looks to participants

Email Notification

Mentors and mentees will receive an email notification upon invitation. It will contain their personalized link to the survey. 

Survey/Assessment Task Pop Up

From the Home Page, users have the option to click on the Take the survey button to access the survey to Remind me next time to see the Task the next time the Home Page is loaded. Clicking on the button opens the survey in a new tab and makes the Task disappear.

Sample Landing

This is a sample landing page that pops up for users. The blue button with the arrows allows the user to advance to the next page.

Sample matrix questions

Matrix questions take multiple questions and make them feel like one multi-step question. It helps make the survey look and feel shorter and relieves anxiety about having to answer too many questions.

Sample unanswered question

If a user skips a required question, they will get the following notification to answer it appropriately.

Final screen 

Users will see the following screen when the survey is completed.

Export columns

The .csv export will provide administrators with the following information for their filtered users:

  • User ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • User Type
  • Grade
  • Graduation Year
  • School
  • User Status
  • Match Status
  • Partner ID
  • Application Status
  • Survey User
  • Survey ID
  • Survey Description
  • Survey Status

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