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Creating Partner Admins

Program managers usually have a co-teacher in their classroom who also wants to be able to see class participation. For this scenario, we have a special kind of user on the Platform called a Partner Admin. These users have very limited access to the Platform and mainly use it for viewing Snapshot and Flipbook.

To create a new Partner Admin account and assign them to a class:

  1. Go to “Create new admin” in the hamburger menu
  2. Fill out the info, and for the user type, select “Partner Admin” 
  3. Once the account is created, go back to the hamburger menu and find the “Partner Sites” page 
  4. Find the partner site(s) you’d like to add them to 
  5. Click on the “View Details button on the right side of the screen 
  6. Click Edit 
  7. In the Partner Admin field at the bottom, type in their name and then click it when it appears 
  8. Click save.