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Implementation Criteria

As you decide whether PSP4P is the right fit for your program, please consider the following. 

Mission Alignment

Post-secondary programming is an impactful way to make good on the work done in the mentor2.0 program, but serves youth outside of the traditional BBBS age-range. Is expanding your impact to college-aged youth a goal of your organization? 

Program Quality

Post-secondary programming works best for partners with established and well-run mentor2.0 programs. Is your high-school programming running effectively enough to turn your attention to a new program?

Leadership and Staff Commitment

PSP4P is a major undertaking and will be best run with enthusiastic advocates at all levels of the organization. Do your Board, funders, and program leaders believe in the impact of post-secondary programming and recognize its added value to your agency? Do you have staff that will be energized by getting involved with a new program? 


With the understanding that iMentor provides comprehensive launch support, it is important to make sure you have the resources to run an effective post-secondary program:

  • Staffing: Do you have staff capacity to manage a caseload of post-secondary students, knowing that 1-1 advising is a key element of the PSP4P model?
  • Tech: Will you want to purchase additional software beyond iMentor's Platform and BBBS's Matchforce to assist in the support and tracking of your post-secondary pairs?  
  • Training: Do you have access to local post-secondary resources and partners that can aid in the implementation of PSP4P?

Other Considerations

  • Whom will you serve?
    • All mentor2.0 students, regardless of match status, or matched pairs only
    • Students pursuing any post-secondary pathway or restricting the program to select pathways
  • What costs will you incur to implement the program and can you secure funding for these items?
    • Incentives to drive student engagement at advising sessions
    • Emergency Need Fund available to students
    • In-person event space and materials
    • Membership to local and national post-secondary networks

If this sounds like a strong fit for you, reach out to your Partnership Manager to set up a PSP4P Planning Launch call!

Questions? Email us at [email protected].