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Supporting with FAFSA Verification

What is Verification?

After completing the FAFSA, some students may be informed that their application has been selected for financial aid verification, which is the process that colleges use to confirm that the data reported in the FAFSA is accurate. 

Being selected for financial aid verification doesn’t mean you are accused of doing something wrong. If students find themselves selected for verification, it’s important to complete the verification and submit the requested documentation by the school’s deadline, or they may not be able to receive financial aid. 

Verification Melt

Of the estimated 1.1M seniors who will complete a FAFSA, almost half will be selected for verification. Of those students, approximately 32,000 of them never provide the verification information, rendering themselves ineligible for aid, and unlikely to attend. Read more about how FAFSA verification can hinder low-income students from enrolling in college.   

Supporting your students with Verification

Although the verification process can feel intimidating, there are several things you can do to support your students with getting it done. 

  1. Remind students to check their emails and portals. Colleges will often post messages to students on their online portals with information that is missing, including financial documentation needed.
  2. Become familiar with common verification forms. 
  3. Remind students of the types of documentation they need for income. 
  4. Support students with reaching out to colleges to resolve questions.