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Advising Resources

Student Advising 

Below are advising resources, including scripts differentiated by post-secondary pathway and time of year, as well as supporting resources including best practices for advising, intake forms, and exit forms capturing next steps for students. During the first year of implementation, partners, with support from their Partnership Manager, will develop a collection of local “follow-up resources” that can serve as a proactive resource bank in future years. 

General Advising Resources

Post-Secondary Pathways Comparison for Undecided Students - This resource, used during an advising session, will support a student in comparing post-secondary pathways and making a decision. 

Post-Session Survey - This survey can be recreated using Google Forms or other similar survey software, and will assess advising session efficacy as reported by the attending student. 

Advising Exit Form - This form will be used to capture action items coming out of an advising session. 

Counseling Skills: Motivational Interviewing - Introductory resource about "motivational interviewing," a counseling best-practice. 

Counseling Skills: Intentional Responses - This resource aligns counseling responses with counseling objectives and is used to help PSP4P staff reflect on how they want to engage a student in an advising session. 

Summer Benchmarks: All Pathways - This document identifies essential benchmarks for students to hit over the Summer that will be discussed during a first post-secondary advising session.

Advising Resources Differentiated by Pathway and Time of Year

Intake Forms: Documents completed before or at the start of an advising session. These assess a student's status on a number of persistence benchmarks. Program staff can pick and choose pieces of the intake form to use that target relevant and timely topics. 

Advising Facilitation Guides: Provide guidance on what to do during an advising session with a student. While these can be used in their entirety as is, adapting the guide to meet the unique needs of the student is best practice. This is especially true if a student expresses specific needs in advance of the meeting. 

College Advising Resources

Summer - College

In your summer college advising, your primary goal is to ensure the student avoids summer melt and is well positioned to matriculate in the fall. But it is also a time to build your relationship with this student and assess their social-emotional readiness for this huge life transition. While it will be essential to gather information during your time with a student, make sure you're also creating a safe and trusting space as well. 

Summer Intake Form - College

Summer Advising Facilitation Guide - College


Semester One - College

Semester one college advising is a chance to reflect on the past semester while also planning for the upcoming work of semester two. This will be a student's first time completing the FAFSA without their high school counselor, and their first time navigating the registration process while also enrolled in classes. Since the last time they completed these tasks, their support networks may have changed, so assessing where the student is receiving support from will be important. As will having resources and guidance on hand to fill any support gaps that come up. 

Semester One Intake Form - College‚Äč

Semester One Advising Facilitation Guide - College


Semester Two - College

Semester two advising is about closing out the year strong, celebrating wins from the first year, and ensuring a student is on track to persist. It will be important to follow the student's lead in what they are eagerto share and to validate their experiences of semester one, positive and negative. Balancing that with tactful guidance of the discussion towards persistence benchmarks will result in a successful advising session. 

Semester Two Intake Form - College‚Äč

Semester Two Advising Facilitation Guide - College

Employment Advising Resources

Intake Form - Employment


Summer Advising Facilitation Guide - Employment

Fall-Winter Advising Facilitation Guide - Employment

Spring Advising Facilitation Guide - Employment

Gap/Service Year Advising Resources

Intake Form - Gap/Service Year Programs


Summer Advising Facilitation Guide - Gap/Service Year Programs

Fall-Winter Advising Facilitation Guide - Gap/Service Year Programs

Spring Advising Facilitation Guide - Gap/Service Year Programs

Military Advising Resources

Intake Form - Military


Summer Advising Facilitation Guide - Military

Fall-Winter Advising Facilitation Guide - Military

Spring Advising Facilitation Guide - Military

Certification Program Advising Resources

Intake Form - Certification Program


Summer Advising Facilitation Guide - Certification Program

Fall-Winter Advising Facilitation Guide - Certification Program

Spring Advising Facilitation Guide - Certification Program