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Advising 101

Advising Philosophy and Approach

Our advising approach is built on increasing access to opportunities for our students. We want all our students to have the tools, skills, and resources necessary to graduate from high school and be successful in their highest career ambition. We believe in the power of relationships to help that happen. 

Advising is how iMentor ensures that our mentees get the right information at the right time, so they can complete the tasks and make decisions related to their post-secondary pathway. Through our curriculum and mentors, students are supported in developing and refining their post-secondary ambitions and post-secondary knowledge.

Schools, program managers, and mentors work together on advising, with each stakeholder playing a key role in ensuring students are able to take the right steps in their post-secondary journey.

Our advising work is built on:

  1. Strong collaboration and alignment with our high schools on the post-secondary process.
  2. Program Managers and mentors with access to on-time training and resources to provide post-secondary support to students.
  3. Curriculum focused on college and career exploration.
  4. Events designed to maximize both relationship-building and post-secondary task-completion.
  5. Access to real-time data to constantly respond, assess, and improve on short cycle.

Advising is designed to:

Establish and clarify student academic and personal goals.

Educate about requirements, processes, and stages of applying to college and alternate pathways. 

Prepare for transition from high school to college and beyond.