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Jumpstart on the iMentor Platform


The iMentor Platform is a web-based tool that allows you to run your program more efficiently. Once you log-on to the iMentor platform you will be able to enroll mentors and mentees into the program, allow those pairs to communicate in a monitored environment, track the participation of your pairs, facilitate their relationships, organize your data, and learn about the health of your program.

On many pages of the iMentor platform you will find filters on the left-hand side of the page; these filters help you narrow-down the data you are looking at to present you with the most relevant information. Some pages on the platform contain pre-selected filters to make your experience on that page even quicker, while on other pages you can choose exactly which filters you want to select.

Think of each page on the platform as a hub for data about your program, organized by column headers in blue at the top of each column; these columns are usually click-to-sort (arranging data alphabetically or smallest to largest, etc) and can also be removed by clicking the blue ‘x’ if necessary.

The Basics

Navigating the platform:

  • Use the blue tabs at the top left of the page to navigate between different sections on the platform.
  • Remember to use the filters found on the left side of the screen for every tracker that you use. Also remember to “reset” the filters as necessary by clicking the white “reset” button at the bottom of the filters. Otherwise your searches may be limited by your old filters!
  • To ensure optimal performance on the platform, we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser.
  • Data available on platform reports are easily exported into a spreadsheet format by clicking the Excel icon found on the toolbar at the top of the tracker.
  • Selecting the “export with ids” option from the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu located on the toolbar section of your trackers will yield more information in the spreadsheet format data export. This can be helpful when combining exports from multiple pages of the platform.

Most-Used Platform Features for Mentors & Mentees:

  • Lessons - Mentors and mentees interact weekly through the online curriculum
  • Chat - Mentors and mentees use this to chat about non-curricular topics
  • Tasks and Announcements - Mentors and mentees will occasionally have pop ups or Newsfeed items asking them to complete quick but important tasks such as: Surveys, Pair Rater, Information Confirmation and Event RSVPs

Most-Used Platform Features for Administrators:

  • User Profiles – Each user on the iMentor platform has a profile that contains basic contact information and detailed information about their match.
  • User Management – This report will show you all of the users on your platform, take you directly to their user profiles, and allow you to contact them easily.
  • Snapshot and Flipbook – Shows you Lessons and Conversations participation rates on a partner site by partner site basis.
  • Lesson Management - Assign and organize Lessons to partner sites.
  • STEVE or Participation History – This report will show you pair participation rates. This report is a macro-level picture of participation in your program.