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Encouraging Mentor Participation on the iMentor Platform

Mentors are busy professionals. While they are committed to their relationship with their mentee they sometimes need a reminder to log into the iMentor platform and communicate with their mentee in a timely manner. Generally, a gentle reminder will do but sometimes those behaviors become patterns and need to be addressed more formally.

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Regularly Scheduled Mentor Reminders and Templates

What Happens When Mentors Misses a Week of Communication?

Escalating and Addressing Mentor Participation Concerns

Regularly scheduled mentor reminders

Mentors will receive two formal reminders to communicate with their mentee on the platform if they have not done so before their mentee’s class. Operations Coordinators use the schedule below to encourage curricular engagement. The message may change depending on context but sample language is below. You can find editable versions of reminder templates here.

EMAILTO MENTORS (3 days after mentee’s class occurs)

"<<>>" notes mail merged field

TEXT MESSAGE TO MENTORS (1 day before mentee's next class occurs)

What happens if a mentor misses a week?

If a mentor fails to complete a lesson on any given week their next reminder will be personalized to include that information along with a reminder for the current week. The timeline for messaging is the same but the language changes to reflect the circumstances. See the example below:

Escalating and addressing mentor participation concerns

After a mentor has missed two emails in a row it generally begins to affect the pair’s relationship and the Program Coordinator gets involved more formally. At that point the following happens:

  • Operations Coordinator flags this for the Program Coordinator and their supervisor via email.
  • PCs add these mentors to their Focus List. For more on the Focus List, a list of pairs that PCs and their supervisors discuss weekly.
  • Program Coordinators should reach out and provide support as they and their supervisor deem appropriate (Like with all mentor-facing communication, the Operations Coordinator should be blind-copied on these emails so they know when to begin regularly reminder this mentor again.)