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Helping Mentees & Mentors Use the Pair Rater

The Pair Rater is an automatic pop-up feature on the iMentor Platform that provides mentees and mentors with the opportunity to reflect on their relationship and rate it on a scale of 1-10.  These pop-ups begin 30 days after pairs are matched, and then appear again every 30 days.  Program Managers (PMs) can access these ratings and  see trends over time to help them gain insight into how their pairs' relationships are progressing.  It is important that PMs orient mentees and mentors to the feature as well as the ways they can access and leverage the feedback pairs are providing. 

Note: Implementation leaders are encouraged to create space to discuss this material and check for understanding during program/grade team meetings.

Independent Learning Resources

Par Rater on the iMentor Platform

  • Read this Learning Center article that explains how the Pair Rater works and the ways PMs can access this information in real-time. 

Orienting Pairs to the Pair Rater

  • Read this 1-page resource designed to help PMs prepare to orient mentees and mentors to the Pair Rater feature so that the feedback they provide truly reflects their experience.
  • Linked in the 1-pager are:

Strategies for Leveraging the Pair Rater

  • Read this 1-page collection of strategies for leveraging the feedback data pairs provide throughout the course of program implementation.