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HS Program Implementation workbook- Pair Search Tool

This dashboard presents data for individual pairs and is primarily used by managers and PMs.  By searching for a mentee or mentor using the bar atop the interface, online engagement trends, the number and type of meetings completed to date, the number of mentee/mentor touch points executed and trends in pairs' rating of their relationship can be quickly reviewed.  This element facilitates deeper exploration into pairs identified using the Focus Finder, providing a lens into individual pairs that satisfied the criteria leveraged to create a targeted focus list.  The pair search tool can also be leveraged by PMs to quickly orient themselves to all data points for a pair prior to speaking with a mentee or mentor.  The interface even includes a direct link to the pair's profile page on the platform to dig deeper into other available information such as support note content.  Each section of the element is described in detail below.

1 - Search Bar

This is a text-entry field in which the name of a mentee or mentor is typed (followed by striking the "Enter" key), resulting in the visualization of all data pertinent to the pair being displayed.  It is worth noting that spelling is important when it comes to using the search bar (however, it is not case-sensitive).  If a name is spelled differently than what is represented on the platform pair profile, the correct results may not populate.  

2 - Link to Platform Page 

This section presents a link to the iMentor platform profile page for the pair.  Consideration of the data the pair has generated to date is important context for the PM to consider.  However, a quick reference to the notes logged for a pair over time can provide an additional layer of information to consider when determining the typ of support to provide or simply orient themselves to the pair's history to prepare to talk with a mentee/mentor.

3 - Program Year Toggle Function 

This filter allows PMs to view previous years data across the entire visualization (where available).  Clicking on the drop-down menu and making a selection will result in all elements of the Pair Search Tool displaying available data from the program year selected.  

4 - Touch PointsThis section show the count of touch points the mentor and mentee have received to date, over time.  The values presented are summative, and as such, the graph typically appears in "staircase" fashion.  This is because Touch Points cannot be removed for a pair - only added.  The only exception to that is when a mentee is re-matched.  The mentee will retain their Touch Points, while the new mentor may have no Touch Points.

5 - Pair Relationship Ratings This section displays pair responses to the pop-up question they see once per month upon logging into the Platform (Learn more about this pop-up in the Introduction to Tasks article - Scroll down or click on the embedded link to "Pair Rater Task.").  Breaks in the line graph indicated that either the mentee or mentor did not rate during that particular month.

6 - Event Attendance This section shows the total number of in-person meetings the pair has completed during the selected program year ("Both All Event Attendance") as well as the distribution of meeting type ("Curricular" and "Out of Program").  "Curricular" meetings refer to formal monthly meetings scheduled and executed within the scope and sequence of the iMentor curriculum.  "Out of Program" meetings include make-up events and Pair Expedition meetings executed by the pair.  

7 - Lesson Completion PercentageThis sections displays the percentage of lessons completed by the mentee and mentor, respectively, over time.