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Pair Engagement and Support Reporting Tools

Rationale, measurement explanations and instructions for use of the pair engagement and support reporting tool S.T.E.V.E.


S.T.E.V.E. Introduction, Rationale and Measurement
This article introduces the Support, Touch Points and Engagement Visualization Engine (S.T.E.V.E.), links to rationale for its use in pair/Program Manager (PM) performance management and provides explanations of the metrics/benchmarks it visualizes....
S.T.E.V.E. Dashboard Operating Instructions
This article introduces each of the dashboards that collectively make up S.T.E.V.E. and links to resources that provide further detail regarding the ways the regional leadership, supervisors and Program Managers (PMs) use them.   Pro...
S.T.E.V.E. Pro-Tips
This article introduces several creative and effective ways to use S.T.E.V.E. that implementation stakeholders and the iMentor national team have developed over the years and links to resources that provide detailed implementation instructions.&nb...