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Post-Secondary Programming

Access resources that support implementation of the post-secondary years of the iMentor program model.

High School to Post-Secondary Programming Transition

Access resources to learn how PMs promote post-secondary programming and prepare for rising cohorts' transition after high school.

Text Campaigns & Discussion Guides

Access text campaign and discussion guide content, as well as resources to support distribution of these curricular resources.

Workshops & Events

Access resources that support planning and facilitation of post-secondary programming workshops and events.

Promoting Program Engagement

Access resources and tools to foster frequent pair engagement with one another, post-secondary PMs and curricular content.

PSP Advising Toolkit in Post-Secondary Programming

Information about iMentor's PSP advising approach, checklists for advising and resources for pairs.

Pair Support

Access research, resources and best practices for supporting pairs' continued relationship development in post-secondary programming.