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Access resources that support implementation of the post-secondary years of the iMentor program model.

Program Overview

Overview of iMentor's Program Model and post-secondary program specific supports.

HS to PSP Transition Resources

Resources on how PMs transition pairs between high school and post-secondary programming.

Content and Pair Discussion Guides

Access PSP texting scripts and pair discussion guides.

Workshops & Events

Access facilitation guides and resources to run PSP workshops

PSP Touchpoints and Advising

Information about iMentor's PSP advising approach, checklists for advising and resources for pairs.

Pair Support

Access research, resources and best practices for supporting pairs' continued relationship development in post-secondary programming.

Admin, Data, Tech & Safety

Resources on referrals, safety, and Enroll.

Management Resources

Access materials to support coaching and development of successful program teams.