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PSP4P Roadshow Resources

While program staff should incorporate PSP4P hype into their classes throughout senior year (and even before), launching the program each year also benefits from a more focused pitch to students. This "PSP Roadshow" is a chance to formally pitch students on the program and, more importantly, the first chance for PSP staff to introduce themselves to students. 

Below are resources intended as models to be adapted for your use in running the PSP4P Roadshow with your senior students.

However you adapt and innovate, the primary objectives of the roadshow are to:

  • Share important information about the program experience
  • Introduce the PSP staff person who will support them in the program
  • Clarify next steps for program enrollment
  • Build excitement! 

Resources for the PSP4P Road Show

PowerPoint Deck

This PowerPoint slideshow is a model for how you can buidl your Roadshow content. You can either adapt this deck or start your own from scratch, using this as a guide. Most important it so make this deck stand out from the presentations used in regular class, giving it the vibe of a new and different program for students. 

Roadshow Script

This script is used in conjunction with the presentation and is a model of how to tackle each of the roadhsow objectives. Again, this resource can be adapted or used as a model for something created from scratch. While many program staff are comfortable planning their presentations without the use of a script, having concrete talking points and drafting the language you plan to use will help ensure this high-stakes moment has the desired impact! 

Roadshow Handouts

These handouts align with the script and presentation above. While the meme included may be dated (though some would say it is timeless), finding some avenue for students to passively engage at the start of class will help keep students tuned in throughout the presentation. 

True/False Cards - used for the activity at the start of the presentation

Slide Handout - used to make the content more accessible for students who prefer to read at their own pace or take longer to internalize visual information.