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S.T.E.V.E. Detail - Why Can't I See My Pairs in S.T.E.V.E.?

The HS Program Implementation workbook only represents program engagement (i.e., online and in-person meetings) and mentee/mentor touch point data for matched pairs that have closed at least one lesson together.  If you can't locate your name in the  "Select Supervisor" or "Select Program Manager" filters, it is likely that a lesson has not yet closed for pairs you oversee. 

This is entirely normal at the beginning of the program year.  The reasoning behind the exclusion of pairs without at least one closed lesson is related to implementation team accountability.  Program Managers (PMs) are only held accountable for matched pairs when managing toward the provision of support and fostering high levels of engagement.  As such, pairs that do not fit this criteria are excluded from the data visualization.  

Once pairs have one closed lesson, the HS Program Implementation workbook will begin to show their data the following day and you will be able to see yourself in the filters.

Can I still manage toward high levels of engagement in the meantime?

Absolutely!  In fact, at the beginning of the year when only one lesson has been launched, Snapshot is the most effective tool for managing toward engagement levels.  Using the visualization Snapshot provides, PMs can seek to establish consistent online communication behaviors in the context of the current lesson, ensuring that every mentee and mentor engages in that lesson (i.e., they have the blue box) prior thinking through managing toward trends in engagement after several lessons have been launched.