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Pair Support Strategies

A.I.M. Pair Support Cycle

Pair support is rarely a "one-and-done" interaction between PMs and mentees/mentors.  Instead, there is often follow-up, feedback and iteration after initial conversations.  This two-page resource outlines the A.I.M. pair support cycle - which stands for Assess, Intervene and Monitor.  This is a simple but effective framework for PMs to use as they work to support pairs toward programmatic goals. 

Focus List Creation

PMs can streamline their approach to pair support by grouping pairs based on similar experiences, circumstances and/or challenges.  This action is commonly referred to as creating a "focus list" which PMs use to prioritize their pair support efforts.  This resource outlines methods that PMs have found to be effective over the years when developing focus lists.  It also lists the common information sources leveraged to create focus lists. 

Case Conferencing 

Case conferencing refers to the practice of implementation stakeholders gathering to discuss themes regarding pair support in order to learn from one another and collaboratively brainstorm potential solutions to challenges PMs encounter.  This resource provides a structure to help PMs prepare for and engage in meaningful case conferencing discussions with their colleagues.

Counseling Responses for Pair Support and Post-Secondary Advising

There are similarities between principles from the counseling field and the work PMs engage in with mentees/mentors regarding pair support and post-secondary advising.  This resource outlines several counseling responses that PMs should be conscious of and/or leverage to provide high-quality pair support and advising. 

Supporting Challenging Pairs

While some mentee-mentor relationships will get off to a great start and develop in a healthy fashion with minimal support, PMs will undoubtedly encounter pairs that have a harder time doing so for a number of reasons.  This one-page resource lists several important tips and tricks that PMs should be familiar with and become comfortable implementing in order to effectively help pairs get their relationship off the ground or continue to develop it over time.

Preparing for Pair Support Conversations

In order to increase the likelihood that a pair support interaction with a mentee/mentor has the desired effect, it is important that PMs thoughtfully prepare for conversations ahead of time.  This resource provides a process PMs can use to do so.  With diligent practice, the steps lists can become decond nature for PMs, allowing them to prepare thoughtfully and efficiently.  

Orienting Pairs to the Pair Rater

The Pair Rater is an automatic pop-up feature on the iMentor Platform that provides mentees and mentors with the opportunity to reflect on their relationship and rate it on a scale of 1-10.  These pop-ups begin 30 days after pairs are matched, and then appear again every 30 days.  It is important that PMs orient mentees and mentors to the feature as well as the ways they can access and leverage the feedback pairs are providing.  This resource provides some strategies, tips and tricks for helping pairs understand the Pair Rater.

Getting Started with the Mentor Newsfeed

This 1.5 page resource describes how to craft an effective first posting to the Mentor Newsfeed immediately after matching as well as tips and tricks for building additional capacity for using the tool to increase impact.  The Newsfeed can be an extremely effective tool to provide information to mentors and make it easy to complete important program tasks.