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What Knowledge, Skills, and Mindsets are assessed in the curriculum?

Assessments are intended to measure student knowledge of key learning outcomes in each grade of high school. Topics assessed include skills, mindsets, and aspects of the post-secondary process.

Online Quizzes

The table below shows the assessments administered in each grade and the corresponding unit where content is taught. Skills and mindset quizzes occur earlier in iMentor programming (ninth and tenth grade) before the increased emphasis on the college process. Quizzes about problem solving, growth mindset, and social capital assess students’ understanding of definitions and concepts taught about these skills. These are not assessments of whether students possess or utilize these skills and mindsets. To see a version of assessments that students will see, click here. Note that the version links above is a copy, created in November 2018. Feel free to take an assessment and get the full student experience. 

The table below includes links to the questions used in assessments. Click on the name of the assessment to view the questions and corresponding answers. 


Quiz One

Quiz Two






Growth Mindset

9.5 Growth Mindset

Problem Solving

9.3 Goal Setting


Growth Mindset

10.4 Summer Planning

Social Capital

10.6 Social Capital


Financial cost of college, FAFSA

11A.6/11B.7 Paying for College

College Fit

11A.4/11B.5 College Fit


Financial cost of college, FAFSA

12.3 Paying for College

College Process Components

12.2 The College Application

In-Person Assessments

In-person assessments are integrated into event activities. Pairs complete the assessment together at an event. These are intended to be another way that iMentor can measure programmatic outcomes without relying on pre and post surveys. The two assessments get students to reflect on (a) the links between their interests, education, and career and (b) the amount and type of support a mentee goes to their mentor for. If you would like to view the rubrics, you can find the links to them as well as suggested practices for assessment administration here.

Other Measurement Methods

These KSMs, along with the remainder of the assessment model are measured using other methods, including the survey and college checklist tool. For more information on where data for all knowledge, skills, and mindsets, is collected, click here.