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Assessments FAQ

General Information

Where can I find copies of the assessments deployed in 2018-19? 

Copies of the assessments can be found on the iMentor Learning Center. You can access the online unit quizzes here. In-Person co-assessments can be found in their respective event descriptions in the Mastering the Curriculum sections The subsequent links are examples from the 9th grade curriculum: Leveraging Support, Career Exploration.  

Can the content of assessments be modified? 

Research & Evaluation, Program Model and Training Team, Regional Office, and several program staff reviewed assessment content prior to the 2018-19 program year to ensure it is appropriate for students in all regions. At this time, there is no expectation that the assessment content will change mid-year. If you have questions about this policy, please reach out to [email protected].  

How were assessments developed for 2018-19? 

Online quizzes were tested with 12th grade students during the 2017-18 program year. Based on program manager feedback, several changes were made. These included a reduction in assessment frequency, shorter assessments, and modifications to questions and language. A group of program managers also reviewed and made changes to content for 2018-19.

Administration Procedures

What are the administration procedures for the in-person assessments?

Administration procedures are included in the appropriate event packets. 

What does data collection look like for the in-person assessments? Where can I find the bit.ly links for the rubrics as well as printable versions?

Data is collected electronically from mentors using a computer or the mentor’s smartphone. Pairs can complete the assessment rubric directly online using the provided bit.ly links or, if preferable, they can complete a printed version of the rubric with the mentor then entering the data online afterwards. The bit.ly links and printable versions of the rubrics can be found here, along with some suggested data collection practices offered by the Research and Evaluation team! 

When should online unit quizzes be administered?

Unit quizzes should be administered in the lesson following the completion of unit. The assessment replaces the do now or introductory activity.

How many times per year should I administer an online unit quiz? 

Quizzes should be administered twice per year. Ideally, there is one assessment in the fall and another in the spring.

How long does an online unit quiz take? 

One of the key learnings from the 2017-18 assessments pilot was that assessments should be short. The assessments are designed to take 5-7 minutes for students to complete.

How many times can a student take an assessment? 

Students can re-take an assessment if they want. Due to current technological constraints, there is no process in place for limiting students from taking the same assessment multiple times.

Are there best practices I can review to set myself up for assessments?

Yes! See this learning center article about how to successfully administer an assessment in your classroom.


Is there a benchmark for in-person assessment completion? Online quiz completion? 

Program Managers are required to administer two assessments per grade level over the course of the year. There is no benchmark for the percentage of students who complete an assessment. The expectation is that the assessments are administered at the appropriate point in the year.

Should pairs who miss an event complete the in-person assessment make it up? 

The in-person assessments are designed to be part of an event. If a pair attended a make up event, they will complete the assessment. However, if the pair does not attend the original event or the make up, there is no expectation that they make up the assessment at another time.

Should students still take an online assessment if they do not get all of the corresponding unit’s lessons assigned? 

Program Managers are accountable for ensuring that students are exposed to all key learning outcomes for the program year, regardless of whether the lessons were assigned on the iMentor platform.

Are assessment results used to evaluate Program Manager performance? 

Student performance on assessments is not currently factored into Program Manager performance review. However, results may be a data point worth bringing up in reviews or other conversations with your manager. 


Are there assessments for mentors?

Assessment of iMentor’s knowledge, skills, and mindsets (KSMs) are entirely mentee facing at this time. Mentors play a role in co-assessing their mentee’s KSMs at in-person events, but the mentors’ knowledge, skills, and mindsets are not assessed in the 2018-19 program year.

What expectations do we have for mentors to engage with mentee results? 

A small pilot group of program managers will be engaging mentors with assessment results. If you are not in this group, but are interested in sharing data with your mentors, reach out to [email protected] to learn about best practices for doing so. Due to technological constraints, this is not something that can be scaled to the entire program.

How should mentors be prepared for the in-person pair co-assessments? 

Instructions for pairs are included in the event packet. Mentors should also receive extra encouragement/guidance around ensuring that the ratings given on the assessment are thoughtful.

Viewing Assessment Results

How can Program Managers see the results of assessments? 

Program managers will automatically receive their students’ results via email. The solution for viewing aggregate results is currently being developed.  

How do students see the results of their assessments? 

At the end of an online assessment, students will see their score, as well as a report of what questions they got right and wrong.

What should students do when they have the results from their online unit quizzes?

Encourage students to engage with this content a similar way that they engage with academic content in other classes (i.e., review results, evaluate strong and weak areas, remediate).

What should program managers do when they have assessment results?

There are several ways program managers can use data from assessments once administration is complete. See this learning center article for some suggestions.