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What methods does R&E use to collect data in 2018-19?

The table below shows the methods for data collection employed by the Research & Evaluation team in the 2018-19 program year. 

Output GroupOutput2018-19 Measurement Methods
SurveyOnline QuizRubricCollege Checklist
Strong Pair RelationshipClosenessYesNoNoNo
Cultural AttunmentNoNoNoNo
Cultivated FitNoNoNoNo
Comfort in leveraging supportYesNoYes, All GradesNo
Consistency and commitmentYesNoNoNo
College KnowledgeLinks among personal interests, post-secondary education options, and career pursuitsNoNoYes, All GradesNo
College process components and preparation needed to be a strong college candidateNoYes, 12thNoNo
College fit and its importanceNoYes, 11thNoNo
Financial cost of college, options to pay for college, components and purpose of FAFSANoYes, 11th and 12thNoNo
Problem-solvingYesYes, 9thNoNo
Cultivating Social CapitalYesYes. 10thNoNo
Effective CommunicationYesNoNoNo
Navigating systemsYesNoNoNo
Growth MindsetYesYes, 9th and 10thNoNo
Civic MindednessNoNoNoNo
College ProcessCollege listNoNoNoYes
College application(s)NoNoNoYes
College match & selectionNoNoNoNo
FAFSA completionNoNoNoYes
College matriculationNoNoNo(NSC)
College transition programsNoNoNoYes
Clear, individualized post-secondary plan for mentees not going to collegeNoNoNoYes