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About the Chicago Mentor Ambassador Program

Mentor Ambassadors (MAs) are mentors who commit to advancing iMentor Chicago’s mission, above and beyond their 1:1 support for a student. We select mentors who are a consistent and reliable presence in their mentee’s life, have attended iMentor communitywide events, and who actively share their voice across the iMentor community. MAs have a strong understanding of how and why their work with iMentor matters and possess a sincere desire to see iMentor expand its growth and reach in Chicago. They serve as iMentor representatives at events, give voice to the mentor experience in the program, and participate in exclusive networking and leadership opportunities.

Mentor Ambassadors must be current mentors who meet online and in-person program requirements. Applications are accepted every Spring and MAs serve a one year term. Email [email protected] with questions about the MA program.

What current Mentor Ambassadors say:

“I’ve formed amazing friendships. Being surrounded by like minded, genuinely GOOD people, is so refreshing.

“United by the desire to be a student's champion, the collaboration and passion amongst this diverse group of incredible people inspires me daily.”

Build the iMentor Community & Brand

• Share announcements during mentor huddles at pair events

• Model mentor engagement by initiating and participating in events designed to connect mentors with one another and the organization

• Attend networking events to engage with new/prospective mentors

• Champion iMentor at your job and/or other circles

Contribute to the Success of Mentor Recruitment

• Participate in at least 4 recruitment events per year

• Nominate people in your network to become mentors

• Identify and secure iMentor info session opportunities

Demonstrate “In the Know” Leadership

• Participate in bi-monthly MA meetings to hear updates, offer feedback and influence recruitment and engagement initiatives

• Serve as a leader during iMentor social and networking events

Email [email protected] with questions about the MA program.