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About the NYC Mentor Ambassadors

The Mentor Ambassadors (NYC) are a diverse group of talented young professionals who

volunteer their time in support of iMentor NYC’s fundraising, recruitment and

engagement efforts. Mentor Ambassadors also serve as champions of iMentor’s mission

and brand. This program is managed in NYC by Jamie Novak, [email protected]


• Must be a current mentor in the iMentor program

• Must complete an online application

• Must complete an interview with Jamie Novak, Manager of Mentor Experience


• Make a good faith commitment to serve a 2-year term

• Commit to attending bi-annual in-person meetings and monthly calls

• Minimum personal contribution of $120 per year (either 1 time or $10/month)

• Champion iMentor initiatives and events at your school’s Mentor Huddle

• Commit to participating in the iMentor Challenge, our annual crowdfunding campaign

• Support in projects related to the following priorities:

• Mentor recruitment

• Mentor community engagement

• Mentor-mentee pair enrichment

• In-kind donation procurement

For questions or to apply to be a Mentor Ambassador for iMentor NYC, please contact Jamie Novak at [email protected].