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Email to mentors who are accepted into the program (RTBM)

Below you will find an email template for the email that is sent out to mentors who have gone through a complete screening process, have been accepted into the iMentor program, and who are Ready To Be Matched (RTBM).

To: Accepted Mentors

Dear <Mentor Name>

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the iMentor program!

We are incredibly excited to know that one of our students will have the support of a fantastic role model like you! While our desire is for all of our mentors to be paired with a student, please note that completing the screening and selection process does not guarantee you will be matched.

This School Year: Matching Timeline and Updates For All Mentors

You will be considered for a match in the fall for the <insert years> school year. And, by completing our screening process early, you will be prioritized for some of the first matches made! If you have any questions about your matching status, please feel free to reach out to Associate Director of Mentor Screening, Maria Pendolino, at [email protected].  

We Always Need More Volunteer Mentors!

We are actively recruiting mentors in New York City, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area! Here are two ways you can help:

1) Nominate your friends, family & co-workers to be mentors. Reply to me with their names, cities and emails and we’ll follow-up with them directly with more information.

2) Connecting iMentor to your networks like your company, alumni associations, sports leagues and affinity groups. We'd be happy to run an info session at your location! Reply to me with the names of your networks and we’ll contact you with next steps.

Please always feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Again, congratulations and welcome!