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12th Grade Timeline

The following is a timeline of major college process milestones during senior year. During initial conversations with your school partner, it will be helpful to learn about school-specific timelines/deadlines and make edits, as necessary.

Under each month(s) are suggested tasks that Program Managers can support students and mentors with throughout the school year. However, the Program Manager role will vary depending on supports available at the partner school; it will be important to delineate responsibilities at the start of the school year.


At the start of each school year, it is important to start conversations with your school partner to learn more about the college supports and resources available to students, especially as you enter 11th and 12th grade. This will allow you to better align the curriculum, share relevant resources with students and mentors, and provide individualized pair support.

The following are some questions you can ask of your school partner during your program launch meetings and throughout the school year.

Questions Program Staff can ask:

  • Who oversees the college application process?
    • Are there guidance counselors or advisory teachers who support students directly?
    • When are students able to access the resources (college counselors, advisors, computers, etc.)?
    • Which colleges are students encouraged to apply to/typically apply to?
  • What are the internal college application deadlines?
    • What access do program staff and mentors have to student academic data, such as transcripts and current grades?
      • Program staff will often need to help mentors and students navigate conversations about academics and progress towards graduation
      • Mentors may need to know students’ grades and SAT/ACT scores in order to help them make the best college list
  • What standardized testing support or preparation does the school provide (SAT/ACT)?
    • Standardized test prep, registration, test score reporting, fee waivers
  • How does the school help students apply to college and/or financial aid?
    • College lists
    • College essays
    • Recommendation letters
    • College application
    • Fee waivers for applications
    • FAFSA
    • State financial aid
  • What other information would be helpful for your team to know?



November & December

  • Follow up on student college application progress
  • Continue to follow up on standardized testing (SAT/ACT)

January & February

March, April, and May