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Avoiding Match Intervention

The key to avoiding deployment of the Match Intervention Protocol for mentors is catching inconsistent behavior before it becomes a trend.  This article references automated mentor reminders, outlines some tips for identifying mentors getting off-track, as well as some standardized email templates to quickly send to mentors to get them back on-track quickly.

Automated Messaging

The iMentor platform has an automated (or semi-automated) email and texting tool that seeks to prevent mentor inconsistency from occurring.  This tool, affectionately referred to as "Joey," automatically sends mentors the communications listed in the table below.  Click HERE to learn more about "Joey," including the actual content of the messages mentors receive and how to launch the semi-automated communications.  

Schedule Messaging
72 hours after lesson start date (for mentors that have yet to complete the lesson) "Joey" sends a message to mentors prompting them to communicate with their mentee online. 
One day prior to lesson end date (semi-automated message to mentors selected by PM) PMs use Snapshot to select the desired mentors to send and email/text reminder to communicate online with their mentee prior to the start of the next lesson.

As noted, these communications are designed to prevent mentor inconsistency.  Below, you will find some tips in identifying mentors that are getting off-track with online communication.

Identifying Mentors That Are Getting Off-Track

There are several entry points to try and catch mentor inconsistency before it becomes habitual.  The most effective strategy is to use Snapshot to identify mentors that are getting off-track.

In the example below, you will see a pair where the mentee and mentor were communicating consistently (you'll have to imagine that the previous lessons were like "Coping with Stress" and "Self-Advocacy" for the purpose of this exercise).  However, for the last two weeks, the mentee has completed the lesson AND sent a Conversations message while the mentor has not reciprocated at all.

In this scenario, you are positioned to prompt this mentor to get back on track, leveraging their previous consistency as motivation, by using the standardized messaging below (i.e., in this case, you would use the On-Track To Miss 3 Lessons In a Row message).

On a related note, click HERE to learn how to use S.T.E.V.E. to identify mentors that are being outperformed by their mentee.

Standardized Reminder Messaging

There are three standardized reminder messages that PMs can use to get mentors back on-track when they are beginning to show signs of inconsistency.  (Click HERE to view a email templates for each communication in the table below).

Please note that you may need to slightly augment the language of this template based on the circumstance of the pair.  At a bare minimum, you will need to address the email to the appropriate recipient, edit the text in brackets and clean any formatting errors that resulted by the copy/paste action into Microsoft Outlook.

Standard Message Description 
On-Track to Miss 2 Lessons This is a relatively gentle nudge to mentors that have only missed one lesson, but are close to missing two (i.e., rather than sending the "Joey" message the day prior to lessons, PMs may elect to use this message to get mentors back on-track)
On-Track to Miss 3 Lessons The language of this message to mentors is more serious than the On-Track to Miss 2 Lessons message and includes rationale for consistency.  
On-Track to Miss 4 Lessons The language of this message is far more serious than its two predecessors.  At this point, the mentor is exhibiting what is referred to in the Match Intervention Protocol  as "undesirable behavior" pertaining to online communication with their mentee.  This message launches the process of issuing the mentor a formal warning that they are at-risk of being un-matched if their consistency does not improve.