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PSP Match Intervention Resources

Match Intervention Protocol Overview

Match intervention refers to intensive support PMs provide to address significant pair concerns or correct undesirable behaviors.  This resource provides an introduction to the protocol that PMs are accountable for following, as it has proven effective in addressing concerns and correcting undesirable behaviors.

Match Intervention Decision Tree

This resource provides a visual representation of the potential steps PMs and their manager can consider at each stage of the match intervention protocol.

Match Intervention Mentor Email Templates

To streamline the match intervention process and ensure equity in the approach PMs take, this rersource provides email templates that align with iMentor's match intervention protocol that can be used as they are written or customized to suite the context of a specific mentor. 

Match Closure Resources

The ultimate goal of match intervention is to get pairs back on track in developing a strong personal relationship and working toward programmatic goals together - avoiding match closure.  However, in some vases, match intervention will result in the need to terminate a pair's relationship.  This link provides a shortcut to match closure resources that can be leveraged in fostering the healthiest closure possible, despite the circumstances.