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Facilitating Virtual Events and Classes

Review the best practices we discussed in summer training. 

Virtual Events Best Practices

Explore best practices we learned from leading virtual iMentor events during the 2020 - 2021 school year.

Find icebreakers to use in your online events and classes in this amazing list developed by the NYC program ops team. 

Explore tips for planning your virtual event, developed by the NYC program ops teams. 

Having a tech person makes running an event with more than 15 people easier. Explore the role of the tech person with this handout. 

Read about how to use Zoom's interactive features to create an engaging event. 

Learn how to use polls, break out rooms and more on Zoom with links to the Zoom help desk resources. We also have a Learning Center page that covers the basics of using Zoom. 

Explore this Learning Center page  that covers the basics of using Google Meet. It also has links to the attendance and gridview add-ons to download to your Chrome.

Read about which features you can find in both Zoom and Meet and what makes them different.