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Partner Programs Evaluation Data Collection Tools and Timeline

The Research and Evaluation team (RE) provides a complete set of evaluation tools designed to collect data about program execution and short-term outcomes, and assess progress towards our long-term outcomes. The data collected inform strategies to maintain high program quality and drive toward our programmatic outcomes. The table below outlines each evaluation tool.

Evaluation Tool When/How often is it used? What is it? How is it used?
Mentor and Mentee Surveys Mentees and mentors complete three surveys a year.

  • Fall Survey
  • Mid-year Survey*
  • End-of-year Survey

*The Mid-Year Survey is optional to administer for Partners. Please speak with your Partnership Manager if you would like to not administer this survey.
Mentee and mentor surveys are primarily designed to collect data regarding targeted short-term outcomes. However, data is also collected to learn about the mentee and mentor program experience.  Data generated via surveys foster understanding of mentees' progress toward outcomes and ultimately the relationship between implementation of the program and outcomes. All mentor/mentee surveys can be administered from the iMentor platform. We will share the content of each survey with program stakeholders for feedback before survey administration begins.
This learning center article explains how to invite users to complete a survey.

School Partner Surveys Staff at school partners complete surveys twice each year. These surveys provide valuable information about school partners’ experience with iMentor, and can be useful to reference during mid-year and end-of-year school partner meetings. The responses can also help prioritize areas for further staff training, pair support, and communication strategies.

RE will provide a survey link that can be sent via email to school partner staff. After the surveys are complete, RE will provide all data generated.
Pair Support Quality Rubric  

This rubric is completed annually by managers of direct service providers. Managers use this tool to assess the quality of pair support provided by direct service staff in several categories. It can be used to inform formal conversations about performance. Additionally, RE will analyze the relationship between the quality of pair support and the short-term outcomes in the End-of-Year Report. RE provides rubrics as well as normative training for managers of direct service providers. 

Mentor Quality Rubric This rubric is completed annually by direct service providers. This rubric is used to assess the quality of mentors by evaluating their adherence to program expectations, leverage of the curriculum and utilization of case management support. This data will inform support conversations with mentors. RE will assess the relationship between mentor quality and targeted outcomes. RE provides rubrics as well as normative training for direct service providers. 
Post-Secondary Process Tracker This tracker is completed by staff supporting pairs in the senior year of high school as information is obtained. This tracker records progress toward each of the concrete steps required for high school completion and college enrollment. RE provides the vehicle for tracking this information and provides reminders regarding critical milestones for data collection.
Partner Feedback Survey Survey completed twice each year by staff from each partner program affiliate.

This survey is designed to illicit feedback from partners regarding partnership support and their experience administering the iMentor model.

Feedback is leveraged to improve the support and resources provided by the organization.

RE will send a link to complete this survey via email.

Evaluation Calendar: This calendar shows approximate time periods for each evaluation activity over the course of the year.