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School Partner Surveys

In order for the iMentor model to be effective, deep integration of the program must be achieved at each partner school.  This ensures that school administrators and staff are collaborating with iMentor staff to facilitate high levels of fidelity regarding implementation.  School partner surveys are designed to garner feedback from school stakeholders regarding understanding of and satisfaction with the program.  Data generated from school partner surveys plays a critical role in developing a thorough understanding of partners' experience in order to improve programming and stewardship efforts.  

Survey Administrations 

Two surveys are administered to school partners each program year.  The schedule below shows approximate dates that surveys are open. 

Survey Content 

The major topics on school partner surveys are presented in the table below.  To see the survey and the exact questions, click here to request a .pdf copy of the most recent survey content.  

Survey Completion

Response Rate Targets

While it is aspirational, iMentor sets a 100% response rate target for school partner surveys.  

It is important to ensure that all school partners' feedback to be collected to avoid bias in the data. If school partners fail to complete the survey, their perspective on how to improve the program and work together as partners is lost.  Additionally, since iMentor partners with so many schools with unique personalities (i.e., geographic location, school culture, etc.), it is important to gather as much information about what partnership looks like in different program implementation contexts.

Completion Time

The amount of time it takes school partners to complete the survey differs substantially depending on the respondent and the level of detail they share in open-ended questions.  Typically, school administrators complete the survey in less than 5 minutes, which can be a strong selling point in fostering high completion rates.