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Recruiting iMentor Partner Schools

School Recruitment Overview

This resource outlines the steps involved in recruiting school partners, a sample recruitment timeline and an introduction to iMentor's school partner selection criteria.

Building a List of Potential School Partners

This article provides links to resources that are designed to support regional leaders in building a list of potential school partners and evaluating their fit based on iMentor's partnership criteria.

School Recruitment Outreach Strategies

This resource highlights the four main strategies regional leaders have used to build relationships with district and school leaders.  One of these strategies involves blind outreach via email, for which sample messaging can be found HERE.

Holding Informational Meetings

This article links to resources regional leaders can use to plan and execute high-quality informational meetings with individual district/school leaders or facilitate a group presentations regarding iMentor's mission, vision and programming in a way that highlights the value add of partnership with the organization.

Supporting Schools Through the Application Process

This article links to the iMentor school Partnership Application, sample email communication and materials regional leaders can use to establish the foundation of strong partnerships with schools.

Developing and Obtaining a Signed Partnership Agreement

This link directs to a folder containing sample partnership agreements regional leaders can use when collaborating with iMentor's Operations team to develop partnership agreements that school partners will sign to formalize their relationship with iMentor and commitment to programmatic support.