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Supporting Schools Through the Application Process

This article links to the iMentor School Partnership Application, sample email communication and materials regional leaders can use to establish the foundation for a strong partnership with schools.

iMentor School Partnership Application

All potential school partners that seem like a good fit after initial meetings/conversations must complete this application which helps iMentor learn more about each institution, consider fit for partnership with more nuanced information and identify areas to collaborate in service of building a strong partnership foundation should regional leadership elect to enter into an agreement with the school.  This application can be filled out collaboratively during a meeting between iMentor and school leadership or sent to them to complete independently. 

Partnership Commitment Form

This document is used to help school leaders understand what a partnership with iMentor might look like based on the systems, structures and staffing in place at their institution.  Typically, this form is completed collaboratively by iMentor and school staff after regional leaders have accepted a schools partnership application.  Thoroughly exploring each category listed in the document is a critical first step in building the foundation for a strong working relationship with school partners and can inform the development of a partnership agreement.

School Technology Requirements

This document outlines the technology requirements school partners must meet regarding operating systems/browsers, internet connectivity and browser configuration in order to support mentees' ability to use the iMentor platform.

Sample Partnership Acceptance Letter/Emails

This document provides two sample partnership emails regional leaders can use then communicating formal acceptance of a school's application to partner with iMentor.

Sample Partnership Rejection Letter/Email

This document provides a sample partnership email regional leaders can use when communicating formal rejection of a school's application to partner with iMentor.