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School Partner Stewardship

School Partner Stewardship Overview

This resource outlines the five key work streams involved in effective school partner stewardship as a basic introduction to the concept.

School Partner Stewardship Timeline

Managing strong relationships with school partners through stewardship efforts occurs throughout the year whenever iMentor staff is in the school and/or interacting with school staff.  However, there are four standard components to stewardship that should occur on a set timeline to increase the likelihood of a strong partnership.  Those four components are explained this this resource. 

School Partner Health Assessment 

Regularly evaluating the degree to which iMentor's partnership with schools creates favorable conditions for program implementation that increase the likelihood that students can achieve positive outcomes is a critical aspect of partner stewardship.  This resource is designed to support preparation for a collaborative discussion to evaluate positive partnership aspects to maintain and identifying areas for growth to strengthen partnerships. 

School Partner Stewardship Best Practices

This resource lists several best-practices for working effectively with partner schools that have been established by implementation teams over years of stewardship efforts and learning.

Collaborating with Schools for the Post-secondary Process

Even though an increasing number of schools and districts have recognized the importance of bringing in outside support, it can be extremely difficult to achieve results without a clear blueprint for how schools and organizations work together. These resources highlight ways to maximize collaboration to maximize support of students.

School Partner Orientation

Ideally, all school partner staff will participate in an orientation to iMentor programming, which includes and introduction to iMentor's mission, model, impact and program elements.  It is critical that all school administrators, iMentor co-teachers and college success staff engage with this material.  This link directs to a folder containing a facilitation guide, presentation materials and a worksheet to support norming on the best way to integrate school partner and iMentor staff.

School Partner Hour One

A strong partnership between Program Managers (PMs) and the co-teachers they work with is critical for successful implementation.  This resource serves as a discussion guide for PMs to use when setting expectations and developing norms with their co-teacher.

Formal School Partner Meeting Preparation and Execution

This article provides links to resources that support the planning and execution of formal school partner meetings.  These meetings, which occur three times each fiscal year (fall, winter and spring), are designed to develop and nurture strong working relationships with partner school administration, faculty and staff.

Monthly School Partner Check-Ins

A common stewardship practice PMs and/or site leads deploy involves scheduling and conducting monthly check-ins with key school staff to set and monitor progress toward short-term goals, review recent and upcoming implementation priorities/curricular goals, evaluate integration efforts and work toward strengthening collaboration.  This resource provides a template agenda school-based staff can use to customize to suit their partnership context.

School Partner Dossiers

The School Partner Dossier is an important institutional knowledge artifact that implementation teams create and maintain throughout the duration of iMentor's partnership with schools.  This resource provides a template implementation teams can use to develop a dossier for each school partner.

School Partner Surveys

This resource provides context regarding school partner surveys and lists the baseline questions included, which are designed to gather feedback from school stakeholders and gauge their satisfaction with the iMentor program.