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Launching New School Partnerships

School Partner Launch Timeline & Tasks

The months leading up to launching programming with a new school partner present opportunities to set the partnership up so that students can achieve the maximum benefit from participating with a mentor. This resource is designed to guide activities during these critical months after a school partnership has been confirmed and before programing for new students begins the following academic year.

School Partner Orientation 

It is critical that all school administrators, iMentor co-teachers and college success staff engage with this material.  In an ideal world, all school partner staff would participate in an orientation to iMentor programming, even if they are not directly involved in the partnership.  This link directs to a folder containing a facilitation guide, presentation materials and a worksheet to support norming on the best way to integrate school partner and iMentor staff.

School Partner Launch Meeting Agenda 

The launch meeting is a crucial component to setting school partnerships up for success.  This document provides a baseline agenda implementation teams can use to plan for program launch meetings with school partners.

Co-Teacher Hour One Discussion Guide

A strong partnership between Program Managers (PMs) and the co-teachers they work with is critical for successful implementation.  This resource serves as a discussion guide for PMs to use when setting expectations and developing norms with their co-teacher.

Engaging in Ongoing School Partner Stewardship

Once programming is formally launched with a new school partner, it is important to steward the partnership to ensure a healthy and productive partnership.  This collection of resources is designed to support implementation teams' execution of ongoing school partner stewardship.