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Agenda template for program launch meetings with schools

Meeting Objectives

iMentor conducts program launch meetings at schools in August/September in order to launch program implementation at each partner school.

The purpose of these conversations is to:

  • Introduce school to assigned iMentor program staff
  • Finalize school-level program implementation plan for the current year
  • Schedule hour-long teacher and college counselor orientations along with brief all-staff overviews
  • Review roles of iMentor staff and expectations of school partners
  • Finalize program launch logistics (including student rosters, parental consents, school-level contract etc.)
  • Identify additional areas of program integration

Agenda Template

 I. What will success look like this year?

a. Goals for the year and iMentor program goals

II. How will we get there?

a. iMentor curriculum

b. Scheduling teacher and college counselor orientation sessions

c. iMentor announcement at Professional Development session or another all-staff meeting at the school

d. Helping teachers successfully integrate the curriculum into their classroom (i.e. shared goals, strategies and assessment policies)

III. Sessions

a. Scheduling iMentor sessions

b. Rescheduling sessions that are canceled

c. Protocol if a Program Coordinator has to miss a session

IV. Events

a. Event scheduling and logistics

i.  Date availability

ii. School space availability 

iii. External event preferences (if applicable)

V. Student enrollment

a. Number of students in each cohort and gender breakdown is needed to begin to match students

b. Class rosters will also be needed when available

VI. Our Partnership

a. iMentor staffing and roles

i. Manager of school partnerships

ii.  Program manager

iii. Program coordinator

b. The role of the School

i. Teacher role

ii. Guidance/College Office role

iii.  Admin

iv. Other Staff

VII. Parent/Guardian Communication

a. How can we engage students' families?

VIII. Partnership Info Form

a. We collect basic information annually on our partner schools for internal and external purposes 

b. Emergency Communication Protocol

c. School Logo

 IX. Contracting/Payment

a. School-level Acknowledgment Letter outlines the term of our partnership along with program fees and payment schedule (if applicable)

X. Data Collection/Sharing

a. Graduation reports

b. Impact Reports 

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