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Agenda template for mid-year meetings with schools

Partner Site: Name of Partner Site

Mid-Year Meeting: Date and time of Meeting 

Possible Participants:

  • Principal
  • School-Based Point Person/People
  • iMentor Teacher(s)
  • School College Counselor(s)
  • iMentor Director of School Partnerships (DSP)
  • iMentor Program Manager (PM)
  • iMentor Program Coordinator (PC)

I. Meeting Objectives

iMentor conducts mid program-year meetings at school partners with the following objectives in mind:

  • reflect on first semester program implementation including curriculum engagement data (email and event), iMentor session/event strategies and overall program integration within our partners’ communities;
  • review successes and give and receive feedback to guide program improvement;
  • ensure there is a concrete plan in place for spring semester iMentor programming, taking into account semester scheduling changes (i.e. confirm weekly session schedule/event dates etc.);
  • share concrete examples of how mentee-mentor pairs at their school are progressing in building a relationship and engaging in curriculum by sharing a sample pair profile; and
  • identify any additional areas for program integration and/or collaboration around the school’s college readiness and access efforts. 

II. Shared goals and iMentor core outcomes  

iMentor and school name share a common goal of supporting students towards post-secondary success. All mentor-mentee relationship utilize iMentor’s curriculum and resources through classroom activities, emails and events to focus on four core outcomes:

  • Develop a strong personal relationship
  • Grow and nurture a college aspiration
  • Develop non-cognitive skills critical for college success
  • Provide individualized support with the college process and connect mentees to college resources and opportunities 

III. Student Enrollment and Curriculum Engagement Data Year-to-Date

iMentor Student Enrollment at this Partner Site
GradeNumber of Students Matched
College Years

Email Participation

  • Mentee weekly email XX% YTD
  • Mentor weekly email XX% YTD
  • Healthy Pair YTD XX%  (i.e. 65% or higher email percentage rate)

Event Participation

# of pairs who’ve met
  • Event #1- XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #2- XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #3- XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #4- XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #5- XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • XX% of Pairs Meeting Event Benchmark YTD
  • XX% of Pairs Meeting Both Email and Event Benchmarks

IV. Program Successes and Areas for Improvement

  • Successes
    • What elements of the iMentor program at your school have been successful?
    • What positive impact have you seen iMentor have on your school community?

  • Areas for Improvement/Concerns

V. Program Structure and Spring Planning

  • Confirm iMentor weekly session(s)
    • Confirm iMentor host class, day(s)/time(s) of weekly sessions and iMentor teacher(s)
  • Confirm event schedule
    • iMentor event dates at (SCHOOL NAME) from (DATE to DATE) include the following: 
    • EXAMPLE: Tuesday January XX 6pm-8pm @ Brooklyn College
  • iMentor Curriculum Covered Year-to-Date (list titles of curriculum units below)
  • Upcoming Curriculum Checklist Goals (list below)

VI. Pair Highlight & Misc.

  • Discuss any school-specific areas of focus, ideas for further integration within school community and/or alignment to school priorities and college readiness and access programming
  • Communicate upcoming data sharing/collection
  • Share pair highlight(s)

VII. Setting up for Success: Thinking Ahead to 20XX-XX Program Year

  • Preview items for consideration/further discussion when planning for programming in the following school year (i.e. growing the program in the school, session schedules, technology access, event space with multiple cohorts, etc.)

VIII. Next steps

  • Outline any next steps out of this conversation