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Monthly school snapshot meeting agenda/check-in template

Checking in with your partner school administration on a monthly basis helps keep lines of communication open that will strengthen the school partnership. Meeting monthly with school leaders and point people provides a space to discuss program enrollment, participation, execution, and efficacy. It also keeps school partners apprised of cohort or school-wide outcomes in order to increase the buy-in and integration, and shared accountability for the program at each school site. In the iMentor NYC Program, the Monthly School Snapshot document is emailed every month to partner school administration and and used as an agenda/guideline for monthly, in-person check-in meetings between iMentor program directors and partner school staff. 

iMentor Monthly School Snapshot Template

Partner School[School Name]
iMentor Program[4-Year College Ready] or [3-Year College Transition]
Date[October 2014]

Check-In Agenda

  • Highlight shared goals and iMentor core outcomes
  • Communicate iMentor program enrollment and, if applicable, share a student focus list
  • Review curriculum engagement data year-to-date, including weekly email rates and monthly event attendance
  • Share program implementation highlights and successes as well as areas for ongoing improvement
  • Review any other additional qualitative or quantitative data relevant to this partner site
  • Identify any additional areas for program integration and/or collaboration around the school’s college readiness and access efforts
  • Allow time for school partner’s questions, feedback, and ideas

Shared Goals

iMentor and its school partners share a common objective of supporting students to meet the long-term goal of post-secondary success. All mentor-mentee relationships utilize iMentor’s curriculum and resources through classroom activities, emails and events to focus on four core outcomes:

  • Develop a strong personal relationship
  • Grow and nurture a college aspiration
  • Build non-cognitive skills critical for college success
  • Provide individualized support with the college process and connect mentees to college resources and opportunities

Student Enrollment

(i.e. fill in number of matched students per grade; insert pair photo) All eligible mentees in a participating cohort should be enrolled in iMentor programming 

iMentor Student Enrollment at this Partner Site
GradeNumber of Students Matched
College Years


Student Focus List

(i.e. questions on student status, missing program consents, unmatched)

  1. Student Name, Reason on list, next step
  2. Student Name, Reason on list, next step
  3. Student Name, Reason on list, next step

Curriculum Checklist Goals

(i.e. checklist goals covered YTD plus forecast for next month)

iMentor Curriculum Covered Year-to-Date

  • [Get to Know Each Other: Find Similarities and Celebrate Differences]
  • [Establish a Foundation for a Successful Mentoring Relationship]
  • [Curiosity and a Love of Learning]
Upcoming Curriculum Checklist Goal

  • [Optimism and Excitement About the Future]

Curriculum Engagement

(i.e. email and event participation Year-to-Date)

School Name ─ Class of 20XX

# of pairs who've met...

Email Participation

  • Mentee weekly email  XX% YTD
  • Mentor weekly email XX% YTD
  • Healthy Pair YTD XX% (i.e. 65% or higher email rate)

Event Participation

  • Event #1 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #2 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #3 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #4 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #5 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #6 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #7 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)
  • Event #8 ─ XX Pairs attended (approx. XX% of cohort)

Program Highlights and Areas for Improvement

(Delete examples and fill in for your site)

Program Successes/Highlights

  1. Example: We have collected 85% of Program Consent forms and students are really engaged and excited to meet their mentors!
  2. Example: Mr. Lo has been fantastic to work with. He is really helpful in weekly iMentor classes and has even called parents to explain the details of the program.
  3. Example: Jon and his mentor Kevin are really developing a strong relationship. They have a set a goal for Jon to sign up for one extra-curricular activity that he is committed to this year.
Areas for Improvement

  1. Example: Attendance in first period iMentor class has been consistently lower than the rest of the weekly sessions which has had a large impact on program participation for these students
  2. Example: We would like to confirm the event dates for the remainder of the school year in order to plan our curriculum scope and sequence and to encourage attendance
  3. Example: We are struggling with programmatic buy-in from several students in the new cohort. Some strategies we have used to address this include the following (provide examples). Are there other strategies you recommend we test out to address this?

Other (i.e. document and discuss any school-specific areas of focus, out-of-program meetings, pairs going “above and beyond”, ideas for further integration within school community and/or alignment to school priorities. Please delete these instructions before filling in for your site.)

Pair Highlight

(delete example and add pair highlight from this site)

Pair Highlight: Christina and Michelle

Mentor: Michelle Gordon, Attorney at Ropers Majeski, PC.

Mentee: Christina Macon, 11th Grade

Matched: 2013, 1st year of 3-year match

About the Match

Christina knew all about iMentor from friends who were already in the program and was excited to finally be in the program herself this year. Christina is an aspiring public defender and was matched with Michelle, who is an attorney. They had a great connection right from the start, bonding over their shared interest in law and a curiosity of learning about different cultures. Michelle has been a great support to Christina as she begins to navigate the c ollege application process and explore her interest in law. During mid-winter break, Michelle invited Christina to spend a day at court with her, introducing her to key players in the courtroom. Michelle also took Christina to watch her very first Knicks game at Madison Square Garden and they are planning to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the spring, also a first for Christina! They are excited to start the college application process together and will begin to narrow down college choices with the help of their program coordinator. Michelle and Christina are already thinking about doing some college visits together this spring and upcoming summer!      

Participation Snapshot

  • Have emailed 51 times
  • Met times at the following events:
    • Finding Similarities
    • College is Aweseome
    • Bryant Park Ice Skating
    • iMentor Office Hours