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Formal School Partner Meeting Preparation and Execution

This article includes resources to support in the planning and execution of formal school partner meetings.  These meetings, which occur three times annually (beginning, middle and end-of-year), are designed to develop and nurture strong working relationships with partner school administration, faculty and staff.

Formal School Partner Meetings Overview

This resource provides an introduction to formal school partner meetings and outlines the overarching goals of the launch (beginning-of-year) and reflection (middle and end-of-year) meetings.

Meeting Agenda Templates

This folder includes standard agenda templates for all three formal school partner meetings that can be customized to suit the idiosyncratic context of each school partner.

Report Creation Guidance and Template

This resource provides guidelines for creating a report to accompany monthly and formal school partner meetings that communicates information in a compelling manner in alignment with iMentor's branding. --all articles exist but need to be collapsed into single resource embedded into report....may need to link back to Learning Center for any instructions that require moving imagery.